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Uganda Kolping Society is a membership organization with the Local Kolping Family as its basic unit.

This department is responsible for the Membership in the organization. One becomes a member if he/she is a Catholic and ready to embrace the objectives of the Kolping Society, and to pay entrance and annual subscription fees to one’s Kolping Family.

The activities of the Community Development Department include among others:- to recruit, enroll, train, retain and work for the development of the members.

To realize the above, the Department is divided into four sections namely:

  1. Membership Development (and database update)
  2. LKFs Projects
  3. Women, Youth and Children
  4. Information & Spirituality Development ,

all realized in coordination with field staff in Zones as administrative units of implementation.

The membership and its respective leadership is organized at Kolping Family, Diocesan or Zonal and National levels.

On staffing, the Department is headed by the Community Development Coordinator, one Community Development Officer (KF Projects) and nine Zonal Officers making a total of 11 staff members.