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National Projects

These projects are met for sustainability purposes. They are passed by the board resolution after a relevant study. They are supervised by the Deputy Executive Director. They include – Kolping Hotels (Hoima Kolping hotel, Kampala Kolping Hotel and Masindi Kolping Hotels), KEDEP (Kolping Entrepreneurs Development Programme -Hoima Kagadi and Mityana), support centre Kibwona VTC in Hoima and Rwamutonga stock farm. These projects are realized with the support from the International Kolping society. However, once established they must self financing

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
The Office of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation in UKS is relatively young but developing steadily although the practice is not as young. It was started in 2009 under UKS Administration Department. The responsibility was then assigned to the Human Resource Officer. In 2010 the UKS Board resolved to transfer the responsibility of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) to the Office of the Deputy Executive Director Mrs. Noeline B. Kisembo.
The office is charged with the responsibility of working hand in hand with all departments and projects using a participatory approach that involves all the key stakeholders to ensure that there is an Annual Plan and Budget for every department and project within UKS in line with the UKS Strategic Plan. It also ensures that the plans are approved, there is regular monitoring of the approved plans and that quarterly and annual evaluations are conducted. The office also ensures that there is collective reflection and learning from the results of the different evaluations carried out for further improvements in the development interventions.

Impact Monitoring
The office of PM&E working hand in hand with other departments works to ensure that Management of all interventions is steered towards impact. Participatory Impact Monitoring and Evaluation is promoted in Self Help Groups (Kolping Families) using Participatory Impact Monitoring Tools developed by the NGO-IDEAs and other appropriate tools and methodologies.
Special emphasis is put on a shift from monitoring only activities and outputs to also Monitoring higher level changes – outcomes and impact and carrying out the cause effect analysis to establish attribution for the changes observed. UKS has adopted the use of Tiny Tools like Life Line, Influence Matrix and others developed by NGO-IDEAs for data triangulation.
A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for UKS is being developed for the Project Cycle 2012 – 2014 using the Result Chain. The framework will track five result areas, starting with the outputs, all the indicators for first level outcomes and indicators for second level outcomes. The information generated through all these processes shall always be shared with all stakeholders through reports.
One of the goals of the PM&E Office is to enable UKS to be able to demonstrate to other stakeholders the impact of her development work in the community which is her core business.

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