Our Objectives

  • To promote general welfare in a Christian spirit through active participation of its individual members and their groups and to co-operate in the continuous renewal and humanization of society.
  • To enable its members to prove themselves as Christians in the world, through Marriage and Family; Work and Profession; and Culture and Recreation, in the Church, in Society and the State.
  • To offer assistance to its members and through them also to others who are in need of helping themselves.
  • To apply and promote, through each single member and through the appropriate groups of members, the Catholic Social Doctrine for the promotion of the common good and the renewal and humanizing of Society.
  • To develop and train members in different apprentices and professions in order to increase their productivity as a means to become self reliant
  • To establish such institutions as would enable the Society to train its members in various activities.
  • To collectively mobilize and administer physical, financial and human resources in order to facilitate the activities of the Society.
  • To encourage members to form themselves into task groups say, youth, women, Kolping Families and such other definitions as might suit the objects of the Society.
  • To encourage and help its members at marriage age to observe the sacrament of Matrimony and to consolidate the natural families.
  • To emulate itself as lay Catholic organisation aimed at solidarity, subsidiarity and growth as a means to be full Christian persons.
  • To contribute towards the development and progress of our mother country Uganda.
  • To create such community developmental projects as would promote the standard of living of the members.
  • To invest in such productive projects, individually and or as Kolping Families in order to become self reliant.
  • To promote cultural and recreation activities which form the basic acumen of human formation.
  • To arrange, publicize leadership courses and information in order to make its members aware of their role in Society.
  • To enhance its affiliation to the International Kolping Society and to live up to the aims of Adolph Kolping the founder.
  • To establish, run or otherwise engage in setting up worker Unions, Cooperative Unions and Credit and Savings Unions or any other organization related to the aforementioned objects.
  • To print and publish any newspaper, periodicals, books, magazines leaflets etc that the Society may think fit for the promotion of its objects.
  • To undertake the supervision of its affiliated organs.

Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313
Email: info@kolpingug.org
Website: www.kolpingug.org