oxen traction

This Project came up as a result of a resolution in the 13th UKS National Convention of March 2007. Delegates especially Praesides from Northern Uganda were lamenting about the suffering of their fellow community members who had suffered as a result of war. The 24 year old insurgency had greatly eroded their sources of livelihood. In areas where war had ended, people didn't have what to use for cultivation. As a result, it was therefore decided that project proposals be written to our donors requesting for funds for rehabilitation in Northern Uganda.

A needs assessment was done and it was found out that farmers needed animals for cultivation as they had lost their animals during war and to the Karamajong cattle rustlers. Fund were secured and a total of 48 oxen and 24 spraying pumps were given to 12 Kolping Families in 2007.

In 2010, we gave out more 68 oxen, 10 ox plough and 34 spraying pumps to 17 more Kolping Families. In December 2010, we conducted an evaluation on oxen given out in 2007, and we found out that 96% of beneficiaries had had their cultivation costs reduced. Beneficiaries were also able to cultivate and plant on time and harvest enough food.

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