saving and credit scheme

This project started as a result of Resolution No 1. from UKS 9th National Convention in 1998. The main objective is to create an expanding fund from where members can acquire credit at an affordable interest rate. Since its inception, over 10,000 people have benefitted. At the moment savers are aiming at hitting a consolidated figure of 1bn UGX.

The Scheme has enable members acquire convenient and affordable credit. Besides members have been able to:-

  1.     pay school fees,
  2.     accumulate assets and
  3.     buy household items.

The scheme also acts as a uniting factor since it brings all members together to discuss issues related to development.

Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313