women & youth

Women and Youth who have not accessed formal education and live in rural areas are among the most vulnerable in Uganda. Besides, Women who are married at early age are more likely to produce many children. With the current challenges of population explosion, limited access to land and low soil fertility women and Youth don't have adequate resources at their disposal. Any intervention to empower them in decision making and access to economic resources is relevant.

Uganda Kolping Society has made an effort to empower Women and Youth. The mode of operation is that women and Youth in Kolping Families come together and form groups. These groups are a vehicle for transformation. Money is saved and lent to each other at an affordable interest rate. Besides, through exchange visits, information is shared and some materials exchanged and relationship forged. Lives have been transformed. Some groups have used unity to lobby for support from Government and other Organizations.  Uganda Kolping Society boasts of more than 60 women from nine Zones of operation.

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