Rwamutonga Dairy Farm

The project started in 2003 as a Stock Farm with 14 presides cows and later in 2004 11 cows were bought for UKS. Since then the farm has grown gradually and by 2008 the farm had 141 herds of cattle composed of both local and improved breeds.

The UKS Board in 2009 resolved to transform it into a Dairy Farm with dairy cows only. All the local breeds were sold and 77 Friesian cows and heifers were bought. For purposes of ensuring high quality breeding at the farm, Artificial Insemination was introduced at the farm and it is administered by the Manager.

Our vision:
Is to be the source of high quality breed of cattle for farmers in Hoima and the surrounding districts.

The Farm is headed by a Qualified Veterinary Officer (Currently Mr. Kiiza Anthony) who is responsible for the overall Management and Administration of the Farm in close collaboration with National Office

Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313