Kolping Corona-Fund

October 13, 2020

Published by admin

Almost every day we keep receiving cries for help from various countries but also pictures and videos about the help people have received and benefited from.

In Chile Kolping members hold Thank You signs into the camera – they are so happy about the support and the many donations that have been passed on to affected Kolping organizations worldwide. KOLPING Indonesia has grown seedlings and distributed plant bags that its members can grow and harvest their own food in very little time. Here Kolping Indonesia provided 270 families in 15 Kolping Families with food, soap and hundreds of face masks. In many countries, distribution is a major logistical challenge. In Indonesia alone Kolping Families are spread over three islands with most of their members living in widely scattered and remote villages. This applies to Indonesia, East Timor and Albania but also to Burundi, Ruanda, Brazil or Peru, to mention but a few countries.

We are so glad to receive donations from many people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South-Tyrol! And we need more donations because in many places the crisis continues, people are ordered to stay home and the situation is getting worse the longer this pandemic will last.

More information: https://www.kolping.net/en/donate/corona/partner-countries/